Quds Force leader visited targeted Iraqi border base, vowed to oppose Israel
Israeli airstrikes in Syria are becoming increasingly common,  with two over the weekend killing at least 15 people. They were described as “Iran-backed” fighters, though indications are that they were overwhelmingly Iraqis, not Iranians.


Saturday’s attack in Sweida killed six people, four of them Syrians. The nationality of the other two weren’t disclosed, but they were called Iranians in most media reports. Less than 24 hours later, Israel attacked a base in Abu Kamal.

The base in Abu Kamal gets attacked fairly regularly. At the main Syria-Iraq border crossing, this base is overwhelmingly manned by Iraqi Shi’ite militia members, who helped Syria expel ISIS from the border region. The nine killed in this strike are believed to all be Iraqis, even though press reports call them Iranians as well.